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Creede, Colorado
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Check back to see photos that we like.  It could be me, it could be you, it could be nature, it could be a favorite pet.  
Welcome to our new buddy Oz!  Abra adopted this perfectly wonderful little guy from the 
Ark-Valley Humane Society 
(No-Kill Shelter) in Buena Vista, Colorado.  He is happy, healthy, and loves his new mama oh so much!!  Please come by and see him---he is toooo cute!!
All Photos by Leslie Grady, 2012.

Hippies Always Welcome

Yay! Visitors from California! Fun!!
Abra with her brother Hank and sister-in-law Maria!
Oz has found his favorite spot!
How to celebrate your 65th birthday (WHAT??!!) 
First a little face-off on the ponds!
And some fabulous music by Creede's own MoJones!
And of course a cake! Complete with 65 candles by request from the birthday girl! One blow and out!!
On Saturday afternoon while on a walk up Sunnyside from Miner's Creek Road, Oz was attacked by this mountain lion.  He got away and is totally fine, but he was a little drained afterwards!  Many thanks to his thick coat with the collar turned up and his natural instinct to fight back!!                                                                                      3/5/12